Raised Bed Gardening Backyard Boxes

Backyard Boxes

Backyard boxes gardens are one of the best ways to create beautiful gardens and add beauty to your yard. These backyard gardens are a great option for those who prefer to be self-sufficient and do not need to rely on professional landscapers. Backyard box gardens allow gardeners to more easily manage the soil and the space in their outdoor gardens. Backyard box gardens is proud to offer the most elegant and sturdy raised bed gardens available on the market today.

Backyard box raised beds are available in a wide array of sizes from 2′ tall tomato boxes up to the 10′ and larger large gardens. Some of these Backyard Boxes can be placed right in the flower and shrub bedding which allows the gardener full use of the bedding space. Most Backyard Boxes is made of heavy duty galvanized steel and comes with an aluminum or wood frame. The outside of the Backyard Box Garden can be painted any color the gardener would like and can even be designed to look like a brick patio. The Backyard Boxes are built tough and can survive the harshest of climates. Many Backyard Boxes is raising up on concrete pads to insure they stay in good condition even after years of use.

Raised bed gardening enables gardeners the ability to grow year round plants without concern over hardening of the soil or plants not taking kindly to the warmer temperatures of the winter. Backyard box raised beds are built to last with galvanized steel frames that are designed to resist rust and corrosion. This means backyard boxes offer year round gardening and the ability to grow anything from tomatoes to ornamental grasses. Backyard box gardening enables the gardener to have much more control over the soil and garden space than he might have with traditional soil filled raised beds.

Tomato plants require ample water for successful growth and Backyard Boxes will ensure these plants get all the water they need. With all the water going to the tomato plants, it is important to check the soil’s moisture content before filling the Backyard Boxes with soil or starting your new tomato bed. There is no harm in using the handy water test kit that is sold with Backyard Boxes or having your soil tested by a local nursery. When planting tomatoes, it is important to plant them in a deeper than usual pot because they can drown when they get too close to the top of the box. Planting them in shallow pots can result in root rot and other diseases.

Tomatoes love the sun so Backyard Boxes is a great way to heat your tomato garden. In the coldest months, you can place two of these portable garden heating units in each of your Backyard Boxes to provide your plants with enough warmth. The portable lamps will also keep you from getting too hot as the day’s heat could burn your fingers. Tomatoes grown in Backyard Boxes are easy to harvest since you can simply reach up and grab them!

Your Backyard Boxes can be used to accent or contrast your landscape depending on your preferences. They come in a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Wood Backyard Boxes is popular since they are easy to maintain. You can paint the side of the box with a variety of colors or stain the whole box in order to give it a more polished look. Plastic Backyard Boxes is less expensive and can be left unattended while you enjoy your garden. For the metal Backyard Boxes, you will need to apply a rust inhibitor so the metal does not corrode over time.