Pine Bush Physical Therapy – Information About Physical Therapy

For many years Pine Bush Physical Therapy has been providing one of the most promising treatment and rehabilitation programs for patients that have various physical conditions. The main goals of this facility are to improve the quality of life for all patients and to prevent the development of any health issues. The center prides itself on the ability to provide care for their patients in a safe and comfortable setting.

There is no doubt that Pine Bush Physical Therapy has helped thousands of individuals throughout their lives. A growing number of people are choosing this center as one of their preferred treatment centers. The staff at the center is fully dedicated to helping each patient regain control over their daily activities, as well as improve their mental and physical health.

The staff at the center has received a lot of professional training and continues to work to help the patients in need. The physical therapy center offers different treatment options that range from physical therapy for rehabilitation, to exercise classes for those that want to stay active, as well as counseling for those who may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or depression.

Patients that suffer from serious injuries and disorders such as spinal cord injury, herniated discs, arthritis, and other medical conditions often choose to use the Pine Bush Physical Therapy facility for treatment. The treatment offered includes physical therapy, massage therapy, electrical stimulation and the application of a unique therapy known as spinal decompression. These treatments are used to reduce pain and increase mobility in patients.

Those that are looking forward to using the physical therapy center will find that the center offers an array of services that are designed to meet the needs of the diverse population. Whether you are looking to receive massages, learn how to walk again, or get your life back on track, the staff at this facility can help you achieve these goals.

The Pine Bush Physical Therapy center was founded in 1988 and continues to provide a quality treatment and rehabilitation program for all patients. The staff strives to give each patient a positive and comfortable environment so they can focus on the healing process. The facility prides itself for providing a quality treatment and rehabilitation program that will help those that suffer from serious illnesses and injuries regain mobility, independence, and confidence.