Advantages Of Fire Watch Services

Fire watch services are off-site security functions carried out by specially qualified guards. Such services usually include: Patrols at regular working hours, day and night, on all shifts to cover the entire facility. This allows for a more comprehensive security service.

Fire Watch Services

Guarding of fire hazards is essential when buildings are rented or leased. When renting, a landlord must ensure that the facilities provided by the tenants are safe, both in maintenance and in terms of safety regulations. The building on which the tenants stay have a legal duty to ensure that there are no fire hazards, especially fires caused by faulty wiring, gas leaks, electrical overloading or equipment malfunction. In addition, buildings and their landlords also have an obligation to inform residents of potential risks so that they can take reasonable precautions against such hazards. The fire watch services will carry out a thorough inspection of the premises, in line with the fire risk assessment conducted by the landlord.

These services also provide on-site emergency assistance, including securing emergency exits, conducting door-to-door checkups and advising people of routes to take in case of emergencies. They can also assist in evacuations, taking people to designated locations, dialing emergency numbers, and rendering medical aid. Fire watch services can also report any fire hazards or any changes in the status of fire equipment or fire drills to the relevant authorities. The fire watch service can also provide critical information regarding the status of fire drills.

Besides serving the protection of property and personnel, fire watch services perform other important functions. They help prevent accidents and act as a health and safety management team. They help the organization achieve its long-term goals and plans. On the construction site, such services can help prevent injuries, which occur when workers are exposed to unsafe conditions. In addition, such services may reduce the cost involved in the conduct of emergency operations and repairs.

Many construction sites suffer from a variety of occupational hazards, including electrical and gas leaks, combustible materials, and falling objects. In such cases, the fire watch services can help in controlling the hazards on the construction site and ensure safety of all persons. The monitoring system consists of a radio communication system that monitors the status of fire fighting equipment and can instantly notify the fire watch guard. There is also the option of video surveillance equipment that can be used to observe the fire fighting operations in real time. The system is connected to a control room where all the activities pertaining to the fire prevention program are carried out. This enables the fire guard to easily report on any fire dangers and hazards.

There are numerous advantages of having fire watch services on a construction site. As soon as an accident occurs, the fire watch services will inform the appropriate authorities and alert them to the potential danger. This enables immediate action and prevents the danger from becoming worse.